The number of people choosing cremation has increased significantly in the last decade. At Costello Funeral Home, our responsibility to you includes providing the proper information about the cremation options available. We will explain the rules and regulations that apply to cremation within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and otherwise, so that you may make an informed decision about which type of cremation service meets your needs. We are skilled in providing simple cremation services, religious and non-religious services to all faiths and nationalities.

We urge you to feel as comfortable as possible calling our funeral home at 781-729-1730 to ask questions about pricing and cremation options. Please know that there is no cost or obligation on your part to call and ask questions, and we will be pleased to assist you in any way possible.


Our prices for cremation services are affordable and competitive with area funeral homes. And at Costello Funeral Home, our personal and professional service is unmatched. You will feel taken care of by our kind and courteous staff, and assured that we are your personal, certified cremation specialists.

Prices for cremation will vary depending on the services you choose: Direct Cremation, Complete Funeral Service Cremation, Graveside Service, Memorial Service, Memorial Gathering, or Scattering of Cremated Remains.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and availability, and our confident capability to guide you and your family through the many options available. You will find that we are experienced, professional, and practical. We will promptly answer your e-mails and phone calls, with kindness, concern, and expertise. We are prepared to provide a complete price estimate at any time.


A Direct Cremation is straightforward cremation without any accompanying rites or services. It is simple, dignified and affordable.

Our Direct Cremation package is a COMPLETE PACKAGE with NO HIDDEN COSTS. It includes:

  • Initial transfer from place of death to funeral home.
  • Shelter, care and custody for the 48-hour waiting period will take place as required by Massachusetts State Law, and we will secure proper identification of your loved one.
  • The arrangements conference to obtain the required information required by the Commonwealth of MA for death certificate purposes and securing legal signatures for authorizations.
  • Administrative and personnel fees relative to procuring the death certificate from the attending physician, filling it out, filing for proper legal permit with the Board of Health Agent in the town where the death occurred, preparation of newspaper notices and submission to newspapers and/or publication on our funeral home website obituary page.
  • Procuring certified copies of the death certificate, as requested, on behalf of the responsible party.
  • Arrangement for cremation with local crematory, and required Medical Examiner Viewing.
  • Cremation fee, Medical Examiner Viewing fee and Cremation Permit fee are included in the price of a Direct Cremation.
  • Alternative container cremation container that meets the minimum requirements of the crematory (a casket is NOT required for direct cremation).
  • Return of cremated remains in container provided by crematory, usually a day or two after cremation. Urns are available for purchase at your request, or you may provide one of your own.


A Complete Funeral Service Cremation includes all the services that are standard with a traditional funeral service, including visiting hours and a funeral service either at a church or our funeral home. The difference is that at the end of the church or funeral home service, the deceased is cremated instead of buried or entombed in a cemetery.

Under these circumstances, a casket is required that is designed and made of material to be cremated (wood), and is suitable for a public visitation.

After the services and cremation, the cremated remains are either buried in a cemetery, placed in an above-ground, in-door or out-door niche in a columbarium at a cemetery, scattered by family members or returned to the family.


There are several different options for a Memorial Service, Memorial Mass, Celebration of Life or Service of Remembrance. It may be held in a church as a religious service, at the funeral home, or at any other location of your choice.

Generally the family decides the date, location and content of the service. We are skilled at providing many types of services to accommodate your needs and will help to plan a meaningful service. We have a collection of non-religious and religious readings/scripture and poems from which you may select, as well as a spacious and comfortable facility at which to hold services.

At our funeral home, we will assist with the creation of a video tribute or photo memory boards. We also provide table and floor easels to display your personal photos.


A Memorial Gathering is a span of time at which the public is invited to visit and express their condolences. At a Memorial Gathering, there is no casket present. This gathering may take place with or without an urn present, and does not require any type of formal service, photo display or video. There are no rules. In general, the most important thing is for friends and family to have the opportunity to greet and visit the surviving family members, to express their condolences and share memories.

Other Options

Other disposition options include Graveside Service for earth burial, placement of cremated remains in an above ground columbarium, earth scattering or scattering at sea, keeping the urn in your home or having a portion of the cremated remains inserted into a keepsake pendant. The ways to memorialize your loved one are countless, including inscriptions on an urn, memorial plaque, tree plaque or park bench, among others.

Again, please call us at 781-729-1730 for more information. Our experience and expertise will assist you in choosing the type of services that best suit your needs.



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