At Costello Funeral Home, our responsibility to you includes providing the proper information so that you may make informed decisions when a death occurs. Most people are unfamiliar with the steps that need to be taken. The location and circumstances of a death dictate the proper response for each situation. Following is a brief overview of some basic situations and the appropriate courses of action:

Anticipated death at home: With the widespread use of Hospice care in the event of a terminal illness, many families have chosen to have their loved ones remain in the comfort of their own homes through the final stages of illness. Hospice should be informed that Costello Funeral Home will be in charge of the arrangements. The Hospice nurse will then oversee the necessary legal documentation and procedures. Upon receiving your phone call, we will respond without delay.

Death in a hospital/nursing home/other institution: The medical staff will handle all of the necessary legal procedures, which may include signing a form to release the deceased person into our care. You will need to inform the staff that Costello Funeral Home is handling the arrangements and place a call to us as soon as possible.

Unexpected death at home or elsewhere: In the event of an unexpected death, you should call 911 immediately. Based on the situation, police and emergency personnel will determine the proper procedure. The deceased may be released directly into our care or to the Medical Examiner’s office. When a death is unexpected, the Medical Examiner’s office has complete jurisdiction to determine authorized intervention. Costello Funeral Home should also be contacted right away.

Death out of state or country: When a death occurs away from home, you should contact Costello Funeral Home immediately at (781) 729-1730. We will coordinate the transfer for you and make all of the necessary arrangements. This direct call to us often can often save families money by allowing us to manage the procedures entirely. We will instantly offer reassurance that your loved one will be given prompt attention.



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