There are many advantages of pre-planning. Although circumstances vary, making arrangements in advance is one of the most considerate and caring things you can do for your loved ones. Pre-planning eases the burden on all concerned.


Peace of Mind

When final wishes have been expressed and recorded, Peace of Mind comes in knowing that your affairs are in order and loved ones are not left with the weight of many decisions at a time of grief and uncertainty.

Financial Security

Pre-payment of final expenses allows you to protect your assets in two ways:

  1. Allows you the benefit of a price guarantee. This means you can purchase tomorrow’s funeral at today’s prices.
  2. Allows for Medicaid eligibility. Our pre-payment plan that is not considered an asset is helpful to our families faced with long-term care decisions.

We are experienced in all aspects of pre-planning and can offer personal, confidential guidance during what can otherwise be a distressing time. Please call, write or e-mail us with your inquiries at any time. We will be pleased to provide a detailed estimate, with no obligation on your part.

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